Friday, January 7, 2011

Basie Bytes: "CUPCAKES" at Sugarush: A Sweet Experience

This Week's Best Bet:
Cupcakes at Sugarush: A Sweet Experience


Because we're cupcake connoisseurs here in the marketing department, and we've been waiting for a place like this to satisfy our sweet tooth... but we don't settle for just anything!

Sugarush cupcakes are the perfect size (not too big, not too small; they embody the original idea of what cupcakes once were when their history traced back to 1796 says "a cake to be baked in small cups").

They have just the right amount of icing (which in itself is the perfect consistency, whether its buttercream or whipped cream or any of their other specialties), all while being not overly sweet.

The cakes are never dry... they are fresh and moist, light and airy, and all those other delectable adjectives you would want to describe the ultimate treat. Some of them even come with various smooth and creamy fillings (such as mint buttercream, raspberry coulis and more), not to mention all kinds of toppings beyond the realm of generic... Puh-lease, plain ol' sprinkles are SO last year...

When you visit Sugarush, it is obvious that the owners, Chris & Jesse (who are totally awesome, by the way), are fully aware that everyone eats with their eyes first. The shop itself is a feast for the senses, artfully decorated in candy colors and textures from floor to ceiling to suggest a sense of fun and whimsy. The artistic value carries over, of course, into their cupcakes, cakes, and various other goods which are dressed in all kinds of trendy details right down to the adorable plaid cupcake liners! By the way... they also carry scrumptious cakepops... We're just saying...

Another cool concept that Sugarush employs is the idea of a "cupcake bar" wherein you the customer gets to select an un-iced cupcake, and then customize the icing, toppings, and any other embellishments you'd like! Fabulous.

Also featuring a large selection of vintage/retro candy as well as neato soda flavors (such as Jelly Belly jellybean flavored sodas), Sugarush: A Sweet Experience is really living up to its name! And with plenty of press lately from locals like our friends at Two River Theater Company and among others, it seems many people are sure to RUSH over for their fix.

We sampled 3 varieties of cupcakes when we stopped in last week: Red Velvet (amazing), Oreo Explosion (a taste replica of the cookie), and Sugarush (their signature colorful confetti cupcake of which they donate part of the proceeds to charity). How SWEET is that???

Sugarush: A Sweet Experience really is just that. We've been waiting a long time for a cupcake place to open in Red Bank so we just have to add: it's about time. Join us in welcoming them to town!

Sugarush Hours of Operation:

Hours temporarily varying as they move towards their GRAND OPENING at the end of January. Visit them on Facebook for the most updated info.

Sugarush: A Sweet Experience
37 East Front Street | Red Bank, NJ 07701 | (732) 414-9044


  1. Awesome - Sean and I can't wait to visit and try your cupcakes. You need to go on Cupcake Wars - it will be a fabulous opportunity to advertise your sweet experience. Way to go - congratulations!

  2. If you haven't been- run- don't walk!! The hands down best cupcakes! They run the gamut from childhood sweet faves to uber cool adult flavors. Just the right amount of kitsch when you walk in the door and you feel like you've stepped into the candy store you always wanted to have near your house growing up!